Who is Aaron?

Hi!  My name is Aaron.  I am a California native, and resident of San Francisco since 2009.  I am married and have 3 beautiful children.  I’ve been programming since 1992 (when I was 10) and building websites since 1997.  I studied computer science at California State University, Northridge and have been building software ever since.  I got to write code for some very cool projects including, a Medical Imaging Platform for MRI research, an intrusion detection and automated lockdown system for the CSUN network, and the Ground Data System for the NASA Curiosity Rover (just to name a few).  I love programming.  I’m also a person of deep faith with a deep desire to challenge myself in new areas!  In 2007 I left the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to start a software development consultancy (Code Coalition) to build some flexibility into our lives.  We put that flexibility to good use!!  In 2008 my wife and I spent four months traveling in Israel and India leading a group of college aged Americans on an amazing cross-cultural adventure.  We had a great time, and decided to continue leading more groups to Israel and India.  In the fall of 2008, we arrived home from India and headed straight to New York where we got trained and ordained as ministers with Jews for Jesus (the sponsoring organization of the trip).  I continued programming and consulting, but my work as a minister, mentor, and project leader became central in my life.  After our training in New York was complete we moved to San Francisco where we worked out of the Jews for Jesus international Headquarters and embarked on our next great adventure: communal living.  For the next four and a half years, we led trips to Israel and India during the summers, and ran a discipleship community out of a 9 bedroom Victorian house on Haight Street during the rest of the year.  It was an amazing adventure and we got to mentor some great people.  Our daughter Rina and son Rafi were born while we ran the house, but once we had two kids it didn’t make sense for us to live in a communal house anymore so we moved to a cozy little home in the Sunset.  Over the years my role within Jews for Jesus grew and I was appointed the Director of Recruitment and Strategic Advancement for the international work of Jews for Jesus.  I managed a team (at it’s height I had direct reports), systematized and codified the volunteer and staff recruitment process, travelled on behalf of the Executive Director, and worked on the “hard problems” within the organization.  In April, 2015 our family expanded again… our third baby Rocco was born!  As a family of 5 living in San Francisco with school-aged children, it became clear we needed a hiatus from globetrotting.  I’m currently in the process of transitioning back to full time work as a Software Engineer.

Where can you find Aaron?

Visit Medium for a collection of Aaron’s thoughts on various topics.  Visit the writing page on this website for a (semi current) list of my published essays.  The best way to contact Aaron is through email, Twitter, or SMS.  For business propositions or job offers please connect with Aaron on LinkedIn or via email.