Who is Aaron?

Hi!  My name is Aaron.  I am a California native, and resident of San Francisco since 2009.  I am married and have 3 beautiful children.  I’ve been programming since 1992 (when I was 10) and building websites since 1997.  I studied computer science at California State University, Northridge and worked (full time) as a Software Engineer from 2004 – 2008.  I got to write code for some very cool projects including, a Medical Imaging Platform for MRI research, an intrusion detection and automated lockdown system for the CSUN network, and the Ground Data System for the NASA Curiosity Rover.  I love programming.  But I’m also a person of deep faith with a deep desire to challenge myself in new areas!  In 2008 my wife and I quit our jobs and spent four months traveling in Israel and India.  We led a Christian Missions program for an organization called Jews for Jesus (we are both Jewish believers in Jesus) – we toured all over Israel then trecked all over Northern India.  It was an amazing time, and we decided we wanted to continue working with Jews for Jesus to lead more teams to Israel and India.  In the fall of 2008, we arrived home from India and headed straight to New York where we got trained and ordained as ministers with Jews for Jesus.  I continued programming and consulting, but my work as a minister, mentor, and project leader became central in my life.  After our training in New York was complete we were sent as ministers to San Francisco where we worked out of the Jews for Jesus international Headquarters and embarked on our next great adventure: communal living.  For the next four and a half years, we led missions teams to Israel and India during the summers, and led a discipleship community out of a 9 bedroom Victorian house on Haight Street during the rest of the year.  It was an amazing adventure and we got to mentor some great people.  Our daughter Rina and son Rafi were born while we ran the house, but once we had two kids it didn’t make sense for us to run the discipleship community anymore so we moved to a cozy little house in the Sunset.  Over the years my role within Jews for Jesus grew and I was appointed to be the “Minister-At-Large” and the Director of Recruitment for the international work of Jews for Jesus.  I began traveling to speak on behalf of the organization and to preach in churches about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.  I love studying, teaching, and telling stories from the Bible!  I began writing regularly for the quarterly Havurah magazine.  In early 2014 I was honored to share the stage with some world renowned scholars as I presented a paper about Israeli-Trekker Ministry at the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) conference – a culmination of years of study and practical field ministry.  A few months later my life changed radically…  My younger brother Sean, who I worked with closely at Jews for Jesus and was my partner on many of my business projects, died unexpectedly after a 9 month battle with lung cancer (that we thought he was winning).  My world was turned upside down as I grappled with and grieved my brother’s death…  In many ways, my life has been permanently altered.  I continued on at Jews for Jesus, but I needed a change.  At the end of 2014 I was appointed the Director of Digital (strategy and communications) at Jews for Jesus – leading our digital team responsible for the web site, social media, content marketing, video production, and online fundraising.  This change brought new challenges as I worked to expand the impact of the organization through the implementation of systems and the development of new strategies.  In April, 2015 our family expanded again… our third baby Rocco was born!  Now we’re a family of 5: living in San Francisco, trying to make a difference in this world through my work as a minister, mentor, leader, programmer, consultant, and entrepreneur, while raising our kids!  As of January, 2016 I am no longer the Director of Digital, but have been appointed the Director of the San Francisco Branch of Jews for Jesus.  Our goal is to bring the Message of Jesus to our Jewish community in San Francisco.  I have 7 wonderful staff with big hearts to see God do amazing things as we faithfully share the Gospel in this city (and around the greater Bay Area).  Connect with our branch over at

To summarize:

I lead a team of awesome staff, I write about topics that interest me, I speak at conferences and conventions, I teach the Bible, and I preach in churches… But only when I’m not: wrestling with my kids, cooking with my wife, hanging out with my friends and family, going on adventures, or pursuing new hobbies.

Where can you find Aaron?

Visit Medium for a collection of Aaron’s thoughts on various topics.  Visit the writing page on this website for a (semi current) list of my published essays.  Come out to one of my speaking engagements!  You can connect with Aaron’s ministry at  The best way to contact Aaron is through email, Twitter, or SMS.  For business propositions or job offers please connect with Aaron on LinkedIn.